Department Profile: M.Sc MicroBiology

The Department of Microbiology was established in the year 1994 at under graduate level.Since its established the department has been forgoing in the path of progress and dynamism. Post graduate degree was introduced in the department with M.SC., Microbiology course in the year 2001.From then the department has developed gradually and has put up high standards of education and contribution to research. The department aims to develop the knowledge and learning skills of the students to face the challenges of globalization.All the students were well trained with a multitude of proven technique to cater the needs of the employees.It is evident by the fact the at all our students are getting employment immediately after completing the course. Right from the beginning,the department has gained the confidence of the students in and around the Bhimavaram with highest enrollments of students equal to university.From 2001-2002 academic year.From 2016-2017 academic year it is affliates to Adikavi nannaya university,rajamahendravaram.
The department has adopted to new methods of teaching in addition to conventional black board teaching.All the teachers will have their own teaching plan even before starting the that every teacher will have a clear idea about when to complete the syllabus.most of the topics where taught on power point presentation with led projector.All the students are encouraged to present seminars, participating in group diseussions and quiz competitions. On Saturday the programms entirely different from the other week days .On Saturday there will be no teaching classes.In the forenoon tests will be conducted in all the subjects followed by a discussion on the presentation of the students in the test.In the afternoon ,a special seminar will be organised for all the post-graduate students .In the session,all the students present a seminar on recent advances and developments in their concerned subject. This session also includes entertainment programme.The Saturday tests are a sort of preparation for the final semester end examinations. In other words, learning and preparation for exams occur simultaneously. All these methods which the department has adopted have been proved to be successful and yielded faithful results.It is evident by the highest G.P.A scored by our students and 100% of percentage. Above all approval moment for the department is our students.Ms.M.Manideep and Mr.B.varaprasad received the prestigious prathibha award from the honourable chief minister, Sri.Nara Chandrababu Naidu and honourable educational minister Sri.Ganta Srinivasa Rao for the two consecutive years 2015 and 2016.
The department has was experienced and skilled faculty members with sound academic and practical excellence. All the faculty members have a strong zeal to make the students into good microbiologist who can serve themselves and as well as the nation. The department has well established and equipped laboratories of research grade. In additionto basic laboratory equipmemt such as autoclave,hot-air-oven,the laboratory is also equipped with most sophisticated equipment like Bod incubator,Freezer,orbisel rotary ,Shaking incubator ,homogenizer etc. So,it became possible to do student project works in the laboratory. Students are encouraged to publish this work in scientific journal and even in local newspapers .The design of our lab.
All together the department is dedicated to produce sound and skilful microbiologists by training them in pure and applied aspects in microbiology.our department focuses on the importance of integrating new knowledge gained through basic research with applied research .Our department can ensure the transformation of a student to a completely trained microbiologist to serve themselves and the nations.