Vision & Mission


To provide value based, innovative quality education, with quest for excellence to make students skillful, technologically sound to meet global challenges and involve in nation building activities.


1) To make higher education easily accessible to all, especially women, socially and economically backward strata of population irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and culture and to develop highly skilled human resource with innovative, creative and entrepreneurial approaches.

2) To work as catalyst in human resource development and capacity building to meet the aspirations of the knowledge economy, society and country in totality and foster academic growth and aesthetic environment to achieve quality in teaching, learning and research at par with global standards.

3) To inculcate core universal values like truth, righteousness cooperation, mutual understanding and also to cultivate a sense of self-discipline, self evaluation, self respect and accountability among the students.

4) To provide state-of-the-art technological advancement and innovations to enrich learning experiences of the students optimally and to emphasize to undertake quality research, training, constituency and extension activities.

5) To liaison and coordinate with other agencies of higher education for quality education, promotion and sustainable development in order to transform the institution as a centre of excellence to meet the global challenges.

6) This will be made known to students and staff and all concerned by distributing, free of cost, calender, hand book, magazines etc., through wall journals & college prospectus.